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Pinot Gris

Mendelson Pinot Gris is our new world version of the Russian Czar’s favorite wine. Our Pinot Gris grapes are grown in the Napa Valley, both at our home vineyard in the Oak Knoll District and in the cool Carneros region. Fermented in small French oak barrels and fortified with alambic pot distilled brandy, this reserve wine is blended across vintages dating back to our first Pinot Gris in 1994. Over time, the wine in barrels developed a tawny character, with a distinct caramel accent. The fresh stone fruit flavors (apricot and peach) are still prominent, but the wine is now accented by nutmeg spiciness. The wine is very creamy, rich and broad on the palate, with vibrant and fresh acidity. While the wine shows its sweetness mid-palate, the finish is long and dry, which makes the wine the perfect accompaniment for a wide variety of foods – fruit-based, nut-based, salty and spicy. This is the pinnacle of our efforts to rival the finest Pinot Gris wines from the cellars of the Russian Czars at Massandra.